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What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files placed on your device (like a backstage pass but for your browser) to collect and remember information about your visit. Think of them as the website’s way of getting to know you better, so we can make your experience more personalized and smoother, like a perfectly composed melody.

Why We Use Cookies

  • To Enhance Your Experience: Just like how Monika tunes her instruments and practices singing to refine her vocal technique, we use cookies to tailor your browsing experience, making it as enjoyable and relevant as possible.

  • For Performance and Analytics: Cookies help us hit the high notes when it comes to understanding how you interact with our site, which content strikes a chord with you, and how we can improve. It’s like having an audience that gives instant feedback.

  • Functionality: These cookies are the roadies of our website, ensuring everything runs smoothly and remembers your preferences (like your volume settings) for your next visit.

Your Choices

Your experience and privacy are top of the chart for us. If you feel like going acoustic and browsing without cookies, most web browsers allow you to view, manage, delete, and block cookies from specific or all websites. Just keep in mind, going cookie-free might affect your experience on our site, like having to adjust your settings every time or not being able to access certain features - kind of like attending a concert without a ticket.


By using Monika Ryan's website, you're hitting the play button on our use of cookies, in harmony with this policy. If we update our cookie setlist (policy), we’ll let you know – consider it the encore!

Contact Us

Got questions, or just want to chat about cookies and music? Drop us a note at We’re here to keep the music playing and your browsing smooth.

Cookie Policy

Hey there, music lovers! Welcome to Monika Ryan's website, your go-to spot for all things Monika - from the latest tracks to the opportunity to book private lessons with the lady herself. We’re all about creating a seamless, harmonious experience for you, both musically and digitally. Part of that involves using cookies. Here's a little breakdown of our Cookie Policy to keep things as clear and melodious as a well-tuned piano.

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