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Monika Ryan is not just another singer, she is an architect of sound and story, carving out a niche in the world of jazz with her unique blend of classic and contemporary sound matched by philosophical and clever lyrics. Her music, potent and melodic, reflects the energy of her native New York City, and her smooth, velvety voice brings to life a spectrum of emotions, manifesting in everything from heartfelt ballads to effervescent swing and searing bebop tunes. Monika is also a visual artist — she has also produced all of the original art on this website.


Both impressive and memorable. Her voice, with its slight buzz, has the unique sound one hopes for in a jazz singer...the entire project radiates with the presence of a talent with a major future.

Don Heckman

LA Times


Ryan caresses the lyrics of each song with a measure of emotion and taste making for a vocal jazz album that's a pleasure to hear...Though there are moments of swing on this session, make no doubt about the texture of the music, this is a genuine album of light jazz that appeals to the lighter side of one's musical DNA. ...Classical love songs voiced by a superior singer and backed by a top-notch cast of players, makes this vocal jazz album, a must for those who appreciate the genre.

Edward Blanco

All About Jazz


A wonderful singer whose music will help keep the flame of jazz alive.

Sheila Jordan 



...'Windmills' is a tribute to the lyrics of Alan and Marilyn Bergman, 'Cinnamon and Clove,'... showcases not only the beauty, range, and power of Monika Ryan’s voice but also the extent of her emotional connection to the wonderful lyrics of the songs on this album.

Matt Micucci



Monika's performance is adventurous, relevant, and fresh, every night. A fine live music experience.

Benoit Glazer

McGill University, Cirque du Soleil, Founder, Artistic and Technical Director at Timucua Arts Foundation

Monika Ryan, a New York Jazz scene prodigy by her teens, studied under jazz legend Jackie Paris and became a professional as "Monika Brand." By 25, she released her debut album "Love," marking a decade in jazz. Notably independent, her career highlights include performances at The Montreal International Jazz Festival and tours in Japan, along with a signature presence in Carnegie Hall's Neighborhood Concert Series. Once married, she became Monika Ryan, continuing to produce music, including her sophomore album "Duo" with Satoshi Inoue, leading to a discography of fifteen albums and growing, a single, and an EP. Known for her unique "jazz accent," her work spans traditional to original compositions. Set to release her fifteenth album "Alive" in July 2024, Ryan's blend of grace and musicality has won critical acclaim, with Don Heckman and Edward Blanco among her admirers. Sheila Jordan praises her as a vital jazz figure. Ryan invites fans to join her journey through her mailing list, promising a memorable exploration of jazz.

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