Voice, Performance, and Songwriting Lessons

Get expert, live, one-on-one instruction in the art of vocalizing, performing, or songwriting — all online via Zoom.

Children & Teens

We begin with the fundamentals. By learning good technique that includes breathing and breath control, posture, and diction, young singers learn how to use their vocal instrument properly.


Most importantly, we have fun and learn age-appropriate material they want to sing!


Adult singers who are just starting out also begin with the same foundational principles that build a proper technique for strong vocal performances.


Together, we'll focus on pitch, refining timbre, and keeping tempo — and learning to find your authentic voice.

Experienced Singers

Are you an experienced singer with a few years of training? Are you a professional with years of touring and recording experience? Together, we'll focus on advanced singing techniques that help you get the most from your voice.


Whether it's building new repertoire or tuning for a studio session, seasoned singers need expert support and coaching to succeed and make singing sustainable as a life-long pursuit.

Learn from a professional singer
and expert teacher with 20+ years of experience

"I can't thank you enough for all of the help you have given my daughter... Your notes are always so helpful and professional. They really show how supportive and knowledgable you are." 

—  Parent of Teenage Student


Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take singing lessons?

I teach all ages and levels. Anyone who wants to sing or to expand on their vocal technique. All are welcome and encouraged to take lessons, whether you're a first-time singer who wants to try something new or a seasoned professional looking to remove vocal obstacles or learn a specialized technique.

What are your credentials?

I graduated from The New School / Mannes Jazz with a BFA. I have been a professional touring musician, songwriter, and recording artist since I was fifteen. I have been a vocal teacher at the School of Rock and I'm a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS / Grammy), and I have over a dozen studio albums in my discography with more on the way. And, most importantly, I love to teach and have been teaching jazz, folk, pop, and rock for over a decade.

I'm a professional singer already, do you teach more advanced techniques?

Yes. I love working with singers of all abilities including professionals. Sometimes pros come to me for help finding just the right treatment for a specific song, or for an upcoming or ongoing studio date. Sometimes professionals come for a technique tune-up or because they have a new sound that they are reaching for and need a little help getting there. There are always ways we can go deeper and expand the voice, our performances, and our creative expression.

Are there any age criteria?

One is never too young or too old to sing. I do teach all ages.

Is it possible to take lessons with a friend or loved one?
I do sometimes teach 2 students in the same lesson if siblings, or parent-child, friends, or a couple would like to take lessons together. It can be a fun bonding activity to do together.

I've been told I can't carry a tune and I sing "off-key," but I really want to sing. Can you help?

The vast majority of people can sing better than they think that they can, meaning that pitch matching and the ability to build the connection between what one hears and what one vocalizes can be trained. The key lies in the ability to hear when something is not on the correct pitch. If someone can hear that something is off when it is, then they can train those skills. I've developed exercises that can help most people improve, and you'll be learning proper technique so your vocal strength will improve as you learn how to use your voice in a way that you love. 

I have a child with developmental challenges who wants to sing, is that possible?

The first part of every lesson for every student of every ability is finding out what they can do, and what they want to do with music. There are some aspects of singing that are extremely difficult for people with physical limitations in the area of communication. Little by little, we work on vocal techniques at a pace that works for the student. Sometimes the avenue to expression is through composition, which is another way of making music. It is my experience and belief that if there is no song that fits, the best course is to make one that does fit. So if most songs are too fast or the range is too big, we can create a song together that is custom-made for any singer and their unique voice and abilities. Every person is different and ever singer will be different too.


Private Zoom Instruction

As a teacher of voice and of songwriting with over a decade of teaching experience, my job is to listen, assess, provide guidance, and ultimately help people unlock the barriers to expression.