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Song Story: "Living Thoughtfully"

This song is a philosophical autobiographical narrative. I try to live thoughtfully, as a rule. I try to be fair and honest and kind as I move through life, making mistakes occasionally, because no one can know everything. I accept this. As a realist and someone who is always trying, I expect this. I don't like missing the mark, but I learn and grow from it when I do.

I wrote this song in three distinct parts/voices. The piano does not play chords but a single line, the bass also plays a single line, and the voice has the third line. Together they weave single lines like trains of thought, representing simple, stripped-down, authenticity. I wrote only what was essential to tell the story as a form of directness, clarity, and my own sense of musical eloquence.

This song very much represents an inner dialog that I have every day of my life, from the moment I wake up until the moment that I go to sleep. Those who know me well will know that when I realize I have been less thoughtful than I would like to be, or upon further consideration my perspective develops and changes, I circle back and correct what can be corrected, a fact or an impression. I try to live with as much sincerity and integrity as I can.

Being an active advocate of my own growth has been all about living with intention. This song describes how I go through life.

A sweet side note is that this is my husband's favorite song on this album. This shows that he truly loves who I am because this is who I am.

I hope that you enjoy it.



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