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Song Story: "Keepin' It Light, Keepin' It Mellow"

Ever feel overwhelmed with keeping up? If you don't, congratulations! You are very unique in this way. From what I see and hear, and what I feel myself, keeping up can be overwhelming and is often unnecessary for happy, successful living. Sure, there are some things that we need to keep up with. There are other things that we want to keep up with. There is much more that we neither want nor need to keep up with.

This song is about JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) not keeping up with external drama or commitments that are unnecessary and that are draining — including comparing ourselves or others with different people or fantasies. This is about dropping narratives and things that we tell ourselves that are unhelpful, at best. When we don't fill up all of our time and space with what we don't want, we have time and space for what we do want in our lives. When we're not comparing ourselves or others with what we imagine about other people, things, or ways of being, we can see the wholeness and the beauty in the authenticity of what is.

In this day and age it is easy to keep up with so many things, and yet keeping up might be keeping us from what we really want to do or who we really want to become. Comparisons are also oftentimes not healthy. Loving what is, is a fast track to happiness. Another thing that pulls us away from being fully present in our lives is focusing on the future or past, so in this song, I have the line "keeping life in the present, right where it's always been" because the past is finished, and the future is unknown, but the present is real through our entire lives "right here right now."



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