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Album Story: Playfully

At last! It's here! I am so excited to share this new work with you because guess what?.... IT'S FOR YOU!

We all know that life is beautiful and magical, but it is also a lot of work. Growing is work. Growth is incredible and I am thankful for it every day, and it is also tiring. On top of that, there are aspects of life that are not so beautiful, and that can be draining too. After a couple of intense years, a lot of the world has been experiencing some manner of fatigue. It's OK. It makes sense. After talking to many people and really listening to where the people in my world were finding themselves I recognized that my world was tired, and most people were so tired of being tired that it was easy to forget that they could unplug, take their foot off of the gas for a second, step back, admire the beauty in life and in each other, and pause to be with their own reflections. I decided to write an album to speak to that kind of refueling. To share energy, love, and humor with beautiful souls who need a break from feeling tired. I wanted to give the good people of this world a little playfulness. I invite you to experience the joy right in front of you, or right inside of you. Take a breath. Keep it light and mellow, slip out if you need to, grow where you're planted, and live thoughtfully, here's a reason to be happy, to find abundance in each other, to be here now, to love fully, to observe all of the big and little magic, and I am here wishing YOU Whole and resounding love. This album is for you! It's a hug, a laugh, a pick me up, a friend. It's whatever you need it to be right now. I hope you feel the love in it because there is so much love in this album for YOU!

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