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Standard Terms

  1. My mission is to support your journey as a singer and musician.

  2. Weekly lessons are scheduled on an "as available" basis and are included in discounted plans, billed monthly until canceled. A six-month commitment is requested, though you cancel any time after the first month. Fees are non-refundable.

  3. Lessons can be rescheduled, if needed, with 24 hours' notice. Same-day cancellations or rescheduling are not permitted unless it's an emergency.

  4. My website offers my services and the opportunity to schedule services such as private lessons for these purposes only.

  5. My commitment is to support you during your lesson times as your work on your own musical abilities.

    1. There are no guarantees of improvement or abilities as you will need to work on your own craft. You agree that you are solely responsible for your own progress, but I am committed to supporting you during our scheduled times for this purpose. 

    2. You understand that taking lessons is not only a commitment during our meeting time but a commitment to refining your craft between lessons on your own time. I cannot guarantee improvement but I can guarantee a slower pace of improvement if you don't practice. 

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