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Monika Ryan is a Jazz vocalist known for her smooth and soulful sound. Her music is characterized by her rich and emotive voice, which she uses to express a range of emotions and themes, from love and heartbreak to empowerment and self-discovery.

One notable aspect of Monika Ryan's music is her skillful interpretation of classic jazz standards, as well as her ability to write and perform original material that is inspired by traditional jazz and blues styles. Her music often incorporates elements of swing, bebop, and balladry, and she is known for her improvisational skills and her ability to connect with audiences through her live performances.

Overall, Monika Ryan's music is a blend of classic jazz styles and contemporary influences, and her distinctive voice and emotive performances have earned her a reputation as a talented and captivating vocalist in the jazz community.

Born and raised in New York City, a Graduate from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (class of 1997) Monika was a professional singer on the New York Jazz Scene as a teenager. She has been a recording artist since 2000 when, at the age of 25, she wrote, produced, recorded, and released her first album "Love" under then name Monika Brand, on the heels of that she released another album with guitar player Satoshi Inoue, entitled "Duo," (also under the name Monika Brand, before switching to her married last name of Ryan in 2002), starting her tradition of single word album titles. In total, Monika has released 13 full length albums, 1 single, and 1 ep, not all of which are traditional jazz, but all of which have what Monika calls her "jazz accent" being that she considers jazz her "native musical language."

Monika continues to delight audiences around the world with her virtuosity, wit, sincerity, elegance, and charm. Whether in a small jazz club, a concert hall, or mainstage at a major festival, her audiences always feel as if she is talking directly to them, and she is. 

Coming in the Summer of 2023 is Monika's 14th full-length album, featuring all new original material and an exciting New York-based top-notch jazz band.

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“[Monika Ryan's songwriting] ... is both impressive and memorable. Her voice, with its slight buzz, has the unique sound one hopes for in a jazz singer...the entire project radiates with the presence of a talent with a major future.”
- Don Heckman, LA Times

“Ryan caresses the lyrics of each song with a measure of emotion and taste making for a vocal jazz album that's a pleasure to hear...Though there are moments of swing on this session, make no doubt about the texture of the music, this is a genuine album of light jazz that appeals to the lighter side of one's musical DNA. ...Classical love songs voiced by a superior singer and backed by a top-notch cast of players, makes this vocal jazz album, a must for those who appreciate the genre.”
-Edward Blanco, All About Jazz

“...[Windmills is a tribute to the lyrics of Alan and Marilyn Bergman,“Cinnamon and Clove,”]... showcases not only the beauty, range, and power of Monika Ryan’s voice but also the extent of her emotional connection to the wonderful lyrics of the songs on this album.”
-Matt Micucci, JAZZIZ

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