Introducing Monika Ryan

Stories in Sound

Monika Ryan started singing professionally at the age of 15 in her hometown of New York City. Now in her forties, she is a mature songwriter, dynamic singer, and seasoned producer in ways achieved only by simmering in the creative process for a lifetime.

She is about to release her twelfth album, “meditations,” which is a collection of four different meditative musical essays on spiritual love and emotional freedom. Her discography explores the experiences of her life, through the styles of jazz to rock to children’s, folk, and world music. Monika is already working on her thirteenth album.

”Innovative, immersive, and does not conform to convention — an artist’s, artist,” she sings and writes with mastery of craft, in whatever style suits the music in her mind and mood. Even as she plays with sounds across genres, Monika’s voice has a distinctive sound, and her music is conceptual with a poetic, signature style.